The latest show in Kursk (Russia) took place on September 5th, 2019
06/04/17        We are  working on the new website design. It will take a while before it's finished. Sorry for the inconvenience.

12/27/15        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Here is a song for the right atmosphere ;)

03/27/15        We are still engaged in the editing process of the video and audio recordings from our live show last September. It is difficult to predict when the work on the DVD will be finished. Unfortunately, the "Magic Shop" could not be released last fall either, and we have no idea when it will come out.

10/03/14        The show was successful, the video has been recorded from 7 cameras. There is now a long editing process ahead of us to produce a high-quality DVD. Thanks to all our friends for support!

09/04/14        Little Tragedies' live show will take place on September 6th, at 7 p.m., in the Kursk Philharmonia.

04/18/14        The new "At Nights" album has been released by Musea and is now available in our online shop, among other CD's ;) Feel free to post your feedback in our guestbook!

11/26/13         We are happy to announce that the new little tragedies album "At Nights" will be released in February by Musea!
Another exciting news is that Musea will also give physical life to the Magic Shop! The CD release with a new illustrated booklet is scheduled for November 2014.

05/20/13        We added two more songs from the "At Nights" album today! The other tracks are still in progress. The next album, "Paradise behind the Stove", still lacks the bass and keyboard parts. In the meantime, Gennady Ilyin is working on his solo album - "Gulliver's Travels".

10/07/12        We are happy to announce that the "At Nights" album has been finally recorded, and as we proceed with mixing the songs, new samples are being added to our Music page. The next album, "Paradise behind the Stove", was partly recorded last August. We'll continue working on this album throughout the year.

07/15/12        Finally, finally, finally! We got to recording the keyboard parts for the album "At Nights". The other instruments were recorded last summer. We are now almost finished, which means that it's going to be mixed soon, and new samples will appear on our webpage.  This August we are planning to record the next album called "Paradise behind the Stove", meaning the old Russian stove, to the poems of Nikolai Klyuev.

09/20/11        "Obsessed" has been released by Musea and is now available in our online store, along with other CD's ;)

06/08/11        Hi there! We are finally getting the Obsessed album (recorded in 2009) ready for release! It is going to be published by Musea in August.


The brilliant artwork has been done by the British artist and illustrator Duncan Storr (click to view the images in bigger size).

Obsessed             Obsessed

07/18/10         We recently found a recording from the "Paradox" times (1989) and would like to share it with you. Music and grand piano are, of course, by Gennady Ilyin and drums by Yury Skripkin - recorded live in a concert hall.

07/17/10         For those who are already obsessed about the "Obsessed" album ;) we have uploaded a few samples here :).

04/05/10         Little Tragedies have submitted their contributions to Colossus-Musea projects "Paradiso" - our Song Canto I - and "The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe" - our song "The Man of the Crowd". We hope they will be released very soon!
Paradiso         The Tales of Edgar Poe

01/21/10        Greetings in the Year 2010! We are happy to announce that you can now watch new video clips from Little Tragedies' performance at the SKIF festival in St.Petersburg in 2003. They were recovered from a video tape.
We also keep adding Gennady Ilyin's solo works for streaming and downloading. Some of them were recorded immediately on a tape many years ago and were now digitalized (with more or less success).

12/02/09        The downloading procedure has become much easier!:) We upgraded our hosting account so that you can now download without ads and waiting. Cool!

11/19/09        Now Gennady Ilyin's solo works are also available for free download in mp3 320kbps. Warning: the music is quite 'specific', not for faint-hearted... :)

11/01/09        Our Christmas GIFT: The "Magic Shop" album has been published!
The Magic Shop Image

10/30/09         Little Tragedies have successfully recorded the new album called "Obsessed", as well as their contributions to the projects "Paradiso" and "The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe". Now the tracks are waiting to be mixed and mastered. We are doing our best to improve the overall sound quality.

The following video was sneaked from one of the first rehearsals in December 2008, nine months before the song was recorded. Gennady just came in and acts a little fussy; the red nose is from the frosty weather outside :)... You can tell where the vocals will be... Sorry for the sound quality.










08/06/09         Today Little Tragedies celebrate their 15th anniversary! The band is currently in the studio recording their new album called "Obsessed". At the same time LT are working on their contributions to Colossus-Musea projects "Paradiso" and "The Man of the Crowd" to the story of Edgar Allan Poe. Thanks to all who have supported us through the years!

07/18/09        Porcelain Pavilion has been reissued! You can order it here.
The Sun of the Spirit"Porcelain Pavilion" is the second (although published first) solo album of Gennady Ilyin, the Russian composer and keyboard player, recorded together with Igor Mikhel (guitar) and Eugene Shchukin (soundengineer). The earlier version, released by Boheme, appeared as a limited edition, yet still managed to attract prog music lovers from all over the world to the name of “Little Tragedies”.
“Porcelain Pavilion” was recorded in the Moscow studio “Art-Technology” in January and August 1999. The second release contains a bonus track that was recorded almost two years later, but has never appeared on a CD. The music was inspired by the lyrics of a well-known Russian poet Nikolai Gumilev. 

04/27/09        "The Paris Symphony" CD has come out!
The Paris SymphonyThe MUSEA Label (France) released "The Paris Symphony", one of the Little Tragedies' early studio works. The album was recorded in September 1997 at Blackbird studio, Moscow, sound engineer Valery Kostin.

At that time the band was a trio: Gennady Ilyin (keyboards) - Yury Skripkin (drums) - Oleg Babynin (bass). The CD includes 3 bonus tracks recorded a year earlier at RosArt studio (Kursk).

The music was inspired by visiting Paris and attending the Easter service at Notre Dame de Paris in April 1995.

03/30/09        Hi everybody! New on the website: we had so many projects that we decided to split the Music section into three parts.

For all keyboard lovers - Gennady Ilyin's solo page, where you can listen to whole albums and download them if you want (or just embed the player to your page). Some of the projects have the Russian vocals, others are just instrumental.

03/19/09        The Sun of the Spirit has been reissued by MALS! You can order it here.
The Sun of the Spirit"The Sun of the Spirit" is the first officially published solo album of Gennady Ilyin, the Russian composer and keyboard player. The earlier version, released by Boheme, appeared as a limited edition, yet still managed to attract prog music lovers from all over the world to the name of “Little Tragedies”. Since the year 2000, however, the band has played with a different line-up, and a decision was made to reissue “The Sun of the Spirit” and “Porcelain Pavilion” as Gennady Ilyin’s solo projects. These albums, of course, would not have been possible without Igor Mikhel (guitar, promotion) and Eugene Shchukin (sound engineer). “The Sun of the Spirit” was recorded in the Moscow studio “Art-Technology” over a ten-day period in August 1998. The second release contains a bonus track that was recorded a bit later, but has never appeared on a CD. The music was inspired by the lyrics of a well-known Russian poet Nikolai Gumilev. The new release of this album has truly been long awaited: the music is still relevant today and will hopefully be made more widely available. >

02/17/09        The Spaghetti Epic 3 finally came out! You can order it here. Little Tragedies' contribution is a 19-minute song, The Voice of Silence, that opens the CD. Details here.

We also submitted our song, "...He Smites You Who Descerneth All", for the Purgatorio part of the Divine Comedy trilogy. Give it a listen!
02/08/09        Little Tragedies will take part in the new Colossus & Musea project "The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe". The name of our tale is "The Man of the Crowd".
01/16/09        The Cross CD is out! Order it here. The first 10 copies are autographed by all the five musicians.
In the 72-minute recording, the music ranges from powerful and bombastic to delicate and mellow featuring the best of the Little Tragedies’ style. The band shows even more skillful musicianship than before. The vocals are traditionally in Russian, but the booklet contains English translations of the lyrics. The CD comes in a high quality paper sleeve (mini vinyl).
11/28/08        Little Tragedies got a logo! The idea suggested by the band was beautifully implemented by the Italian artist Davide Guidoni.
LT logo
10/31/08        We uploaded a few live show videos at our YouTube page. The "Cross" release is scheduled for mid November.
10/21/08        Last August Little Tragedies recorded a new instrumental album. It's called "Magic Shop" - a Christmas story with all kinds of music. It also features two guest musicians playing the trumpet and the tuba. Just for fun, we put together a video clip of us in the studio and outside based on our friend's filming. The soundtrack is a piece from the new album.












Tip: You can watch this video in better quality at our YouTube page
07/20/08        Good news: We have signed with Musea to release "The Paris Symphony", an instrumental album recorded in 1997 when the band was a trio. Hopefully, it will be out very soon. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the samples.
05/24/08        Check our new photogalleries.
03/28/08        We added a 1-minute sample of Little Tragedies' Inferno song. Release of the CD collection (Musea) is scheduled for June.
Inferno CD image
01/27/08        The "Cross", new Little Tragedies album recorded last August has been mastered and is now ready to go. But for certain reasons beyond our control it cannot be released before November. We'll have to be patient :o)
01/21/08        We confirmed our participation in the next joint project of Colossus & Musea - this time based on the 2nd part of Dante's "Divine Comedy" called Purgatory. With a 7-minute song to Canto 14 Little Tragedies will appear on the 2nd CD of the 3CD Purgatorio set (see the other bands).
According to the project coordinator, the song collection based on the 1st part of the "Divine Comedy" - Inferno - has all the chances to become the best prog-release of 2008. Well, altogether we can make it happen!
12/20/07        Below is a literally HOME-made video clip: Gennady Ilyin writing the score of the new Little Tragedies album (the soundtrack is a piece from that album).












11/14/07        To facilitate your impressions of the video clip we thought you might want to listen to the same part of the Spaghetti suite recordered in the studio in August 2007 (mixed, but not mastered). Of course, on this recording Gennady is playing a real MiniMoog (instead of synthesizers as on the video clip).
11/10/07        One of our friends sneaked in with a camera and made a video clip of us practicing the song for the Spaghetti Epic 3 project. There it is. Kursk, April 2007. Sorry for the sound quality...












11/03/07        We opened a guestbook. You are welcome to leave your messages there.
10/21/07        MALS is planning to reissue "The Sun of the Spirit" and "Porcelain Pavilion". We are hoping to make new booklets and add bonus tracks.
09/30/07        Now you can order Little Tragedies' CDs directly from our web page! Please note that ordering from us gives financial support to the band. We will appreciate it!
09/26/07        We are happy to announce that "Little Tragedies" recorded their 20-minute suite for the Colossus & Musea project "Spaghetti Epic 3" and the instrumental composition for the "Inferno" 3CD set (see more information below). The band is now working on their new album called "The Cross".
08/31/07        "Chinese Songs. Part II" is now available!
07/26/07        Hi! Now you can listen to more mp3 samples. Enjoy!
07/24/07        We added lots of poems to our lyrics section, from "The Sun of the Spirit" to the brand new "Chinese Songs. Part II". Finally you will know what Little Tragedies songs were about! With some of the translations (especially for "Chinese Songs") you can even sing along :o)  
06/30/07        Today we are celebrating the official release of "Chinese Songs. Part I" - the brand new album by Little Tragedies!
In a couple of weeks we are hoping to open our own on-line CD store where you'll be able to order this and the previous titles directly from us. The release of the second part of "Chinese Songs" is scheduled for August. Have a good time listening! And we'll be happy to see your comments on the message board.
03/23/07        Good news! Little Tragedies will join the new Musea & Colossus project "Inferno" (Hell) based on the first part of Dante Alighieri's "Divine Comedy". On the 3 CDs box-set, among the 34 progbands who are going to contribute their songs (max. 7 min. in length) illustrating one of the 34 Cantos, Little Tragedies will play Canto 3. It will be an interesting experience, and we hope that this great poetic work of Dante will find a musical setting it deserves!
03/11/07        Hi everybody! The most recent interview of Gennady Ilyin is now posted at Arlequins in both English and Italian. G.Ilyin introduces the other musicians of the band, shares his thoughts about music and musicians, tells about the influence of other composers, the role of improvisation in his music, his connection to the poetry of N.Gumilev and, finally, reveals the new plans of the band.
03/04/07        We are going to participate in a joint project of Musea label (France) and Colossus Magazine (Finland) called “Spaghetti Epic 3”!
Little Tragedies will contribute a 21-minute suite based on Ennio Morricone’s themes to the film “The Great Silence”. The music is already composed, written down and will hopefully be recorded in August 2007. More information on the project is available at website.
10/11/06        Gennady Ilyin's latest interview explaining the concept and lyrics of "The Sixth Sense" is now available at Nucleus' website.
10/09/06       Little Tragedies recorded a new album entitled “Chinese Songs” to the verses of 8-12th century Chinese poets. Again it has Russian vocals, but we will try to provide English translation of each song for our international audience. It’s a double CD again, and we hope MALS will kindly release it next year. So watch for our news!
09/15/06       The band is playing a concert in Kursk, Russia. Hope it will be your home city one day…
09/01/06       “The Sixth Sense” has finally come out! This album, as well as the previous CD’s, can be ordered from MALS label's website.
03/30/06        Shortly, we are expecting the release of “New Faust”, a double CD album, from the “MALS” label, Moscow. The first batch will be completely in Russian. The international version with an English CD cover will come out later. Music samples from “New Faust” and “The Sixth Sense” are available at the label's website.
03/26/06      “Little Tragedies” are going to perform at InProg-2006, the International Progressive Music Festival in Moscow, on Sunday, April 23, at 6:00 p.m. in “B2” Club. They will play a new album based on the verses of mediaeval Chinese poets (in Russian translation). You are welcome to come!
03/24/06      “Return” is coming out in Russia today! Last September this album was released by Musea Records, France, and now, thanks to the MALS label in Moscow, it’s available with a Russian CD cover.